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Live, Love, Laugh...Then Die
I'm a kid that likes to have fun and is very much into the paranormal
human to a tee, ufo nut
You cant always get what you want, if you try some time, you just might find, you get what you need
64 yrs old from Canada
Can you handle the truth?
A fascinating unbiased, not-for-profit, ad-free blog containing years of accumulated scientific research, references, evidence, s…
I wanna meet an alien....and your mom.
I'm just a guy thats gonna end up in shit one day cause I poke and prod at too much shit I shouldn't. End of story lol.
Sorry if this is wrong
I'm just a young man trying to find out the truth and make his way in the world . I'm a bit of a nerd and im currently preparing …
I like science, fiction, science fiction, comics, cheese, and archaic synthesizers
male 35 vCanada 6-1 225lbs truth seeker
Expert UFO and gangstalking
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