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Those who cannot see will never learn
I've been a longtime believer, and I hope that someday the forbidden truth becomes the accepted reality,
Don't look at me ...I'm hidious
I dont want to write anything here
Truth Seeker
I use to be a believing christian that has awakened and am seeking the truth of life and trying to find out the lies I've been tol…
Get it yet?
This is a description
Humans ARE a VIRUS!
I'm an Amateur Astronomer who believes in the very strong possibility of life out beyond our planet. I also believe it's very like…
Strong believer in the blanket covering our eyes for a very long time
none, nill, nuthing,nadda,zillch
Vancouver UFO Examiner
Jon Kelly is a world-famous expert in the application of voice-based disclosure technology for revealing UFO secrets. A native to…
Story I Wrote
The Pseudo Spy Factory        It was a monolithic slab of pavement that had the edacity to consider its self an institute. The wor…
seeking the truth while spreading love
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