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capricorn Firefighter
Iam a firefighter who'sseeks the secrets of universe
capricorn Neurosphera
Just searching on the way to come closer
virgo UFO Explorer
Hi I'm from Vinhedo-SP/Brazil in fact I always believed in life out of my Planet but  Autorithies makes us believe that we're alon…
The Truth
I know that much is hidden, because if it comes out, would generate hysteria. The truth is accepted and understood by only a few p…
Eu sou uma pessoa q sempre tive interesses de saber a verdade das coisas, e quando me deparei com as mentiras eu me senti humilhad…
Curious hunters the truth!
Only someone who wants to know the hidden truth!
Graphic Designer
Interested in other life forms.
Searching the Truth
A pesquisa no campo desolado ...
G.P.C.U.- Group of Research Scientific Ufológicas
Ufólogo, em Pelotas Rio Grande do Sul Brasil. Pesquisador do G.P.C.U.-Grupo de Pesquisas Científico Ufológicas, entidade sem fins…
Researcher of phenomenon UFO
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