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Hi Im 42 yrs old and wish I had found this may years ago
I want to Believe.....
I...I'm a new day rising... I'm a brand new sky to hang your Stars upon tonight......
"This one is Yossarian, dad. He gets a Distinguished Flying Cross."
Only a Vampire Can Love You Forever ..
They call me Pandora. Total Skeptic. Complete Smartass. I'm alot more than meets the eye and a challenge you probably can't handle…
dont know what to write?
i love this issue and am a big beliver
If they dropped you in the middle of the desert and told you the truth was out there, you'd ask them for a shovel.
I'm just a lonely stranger, walking down a lonely road... Alone. Just kidding, my social life measures at about 78 out of 100, an…
the universe is a big place - maybe the biggest ( Kilgore Trout)
Musician interested in Ufology
ufo nut, i have seen a lot of strange things in the sky, all unexplainable.
Hey guys my name is hayden i love being on the computer most of the time reading about the TRUTH.
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