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leo How much more will the Ents endure
Born and raised in Pittsburgh, but now I call Alaska my home
gemini UFOs and ETs in Montana
Researcher/Writer currently focusing on documentable historically signficant cases of UFOs and ETs in Montana.
cancer EL VOZ GATO
aquarius Imableever
I do a lot of reseach in different areas. I love animals, I have 3 birds, one dog and 5 cats. I love nature, herbs, esscentail oil…
aquarius Eyewitness
After personally having a opportunity with my HD digital movie camera to record a Ufo of such high strangness , and discover in th…
leo kennedy shot
country, putting up with city idiots
gemini ARGUS
Still searching the ARGUS Project of 1958
gemini Questioning what's "normal"
Open minded, intelligent, curious
aries mother
woman with a interest in research
aquarius walksalone
poet who sees the future, philosopher who knows the past.
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