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aries N/A N/A
N/A, Nothing, Nada, Zip, Ziltch
sagittarius Writer
Been involved with UFO's and spiritualism all my life.
cancer diane
Watched the program on T.V. Just want to join.
virgo see all
avid reader looking for new information
cancer Life Is A Pop Quiz And You WILL Be Tested
Postive & Realistic Thinker
aries Looking for Answers
Looking for answers to questions that arise from listening and watching media that don't make sense... and not finding anay there.…
sagittarius .,?!'
White male 59 years old single
Writer: prophecy, evolution, UFOs
I live in the Pacific Northwest.
cancer harley
I will never let go of thinking out of the box and investigating the truths that others call conpsiracy theories,,,,,,  
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