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capricorn abcde
Truth Seeker Looking for others to help spread the truth.
capricorn Lyme disease
Bad stuff going on with this Lyme disease, but I think the curtain is slowly coming down what with the likes of your investigation…
pisces James
Creative solar designer, both thermal and pv power   Can design any size array anywhere, passport will travel
sagittarius Just me
I have yet to see any UFO's but believe something is going on.
gemini becky
Adult female interested in documentaries    
virgo tonto tonto pero no tanto
looking for the truth
Is it real? I mean truly can it be possible?
sagittarius Gramma of 4
A hardworking person interested in space ufo's and anything else connected with them
gemini animal rescue woman
interested in aliens, UFO's, info withheld by U.S. Government, etc.
sagittarius Observer
Amature astronomer and truth seeker
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