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virgo Truth
Truth will set you free - I know... clique'
gemini Hangar 84
Roswell Incident author of the e-book ‘Hangar 84’. Did the USAAF find a flying saucer, a weather balloon, or did they 'pull off' …
scorpio Lear Pilot
Professional Piot for over 30 years.
aries beware
lay scientist wary of the govenments actions.
cancer away we go
Love real life mysteries, including historical.
libra i dont know
I am a photographer and a nurse
gemini There Can Be Only One
5'  6" 190lbs Brown Hair Blue Eyes
leo liverpool
53 year old male with an open mind, and find this sort of site interesting,
virgo Slj0kqb
Interested in UFO,s. Would like to peruse the site...
libra " You can trust a human being as far as you can throw him... "
I am a researcher examining the role of paranormal events as they have affected human cultural evolution.
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