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cancer If There Is A Will, There Is A Way!
The Mainstream Media has failed us and it is up to us, "We The People", to bring out the Truth, wherever it may be, and enlighten …
taurus Father
Brian, father of two, married and live in Atlanta
libra Moko1
The Proud Civilizations of Sparta,Rome,The Knights of Europe¬†& The Samurai...They all worshiped strength because it is strengt…
taurus UFO in Poncha toula, Louisiana
Saw Ufo out of right side vision. Then large UFO rise up out of swamp and fly straight over us then disappear.
libra We are not alone !!!!
I know that we are not alone !!!!
sagittarius Nibiru is real
seen a UFO my self way back in the 1970's
virgo Please Yourself and stop worrying about everyone else
Don't spend your life trying to please everyone. It'll never happen, because you could literally kiss everybodies' ass in the stat…
capricorn black vault roa
only those who go to far can possibly find out how far they can go
libra Always looking to the sky
Always thought that out of the billions an billions of stars in the sky , you can't be that¬†bumb to think we are the only beings h…
gemini Welsh Watcher
Waiting for my second uncounter!
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