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pisces looking for answers
Looking forward to many hours of reading!
cancer smelling the roses
Insatiable quest for the truth of our origin and the truth behind the cover ups.
gemini %#@!*
pinging the blackvault world
capricorn The Casual Observer
Still in awe and wonder of God (the great I AM ), Nature, Science, & Intellectuall Conception! I have witnessed increadible …
pisces Do what thou whilst is the whole of the law
I am frustrated by the lack of avenue's one has to obtain the knowledge of which our government and others have so blatantly kept …
libra needtoknow
i need to know as much a i can.
capricorn what is this
I have so many questions!!
gemini Still Kicking
crazysleepyhappy. Still kicking.
libra Declassified
What Greenewald is best at.
cancer I Believe
I am a woman who has realized that there is so much more out there....and can't wait to find out what it is!
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