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sagittarius Don't really have a personal tag line
always seeking knowledge
gemini In search for The truth
Since I have knowledge I'm always be fascinating about the unknown, I would like to know what's going on and find out what the gov…
virgo skyfyre
seeker of truth but, not totally naive. have seen a ufo. definitely beleive there is more to this existance than what religion, sc…
virgo Life is too short
I was reffered to this website by Peewee.
scorpio always there
hello,   i am not reporting a sighting but trying to find answers re- garding a lifetime (it seems) of being followed. Seeing a cr…
aquarius Abductee/researcher
abductee/researcher i am building my own data base of truth of many hidden and non hidden secrets,I am looking forward to being ap…
virgo Take me home
6`4" tall  175lbs. blonde hair  blue eyes. very much into finding out the truth about everything.
libra I don't believe my goverment
Open minded love to do research about any and everything.
sagittarius conservative
a normal very conservative american that is fed up with this stupid government of ours. i hate obama
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