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leo Rabbit Hole
yes, we all deserve to know the truth  
cancer One day at a time
Im in to cars ,sports ,electronics. try to keep my life as simple as possible. Like hanging out with family,And just have fun with…
aries Sailing ships do not require huge guns to fire them across the sea. They merely spread their canvas and sail. And flying saucers are only sailing ships of a different kind:fuel-less,silent and incredibly simple--once you know how to "sail"
I'm a skywatcher,and pleased to be here at this time in history.
scorpio At Night Before Dawn
My description approximately twenty character long. 
gemini Loser
Fascinated with the paranormal for as long as I can remember and love all things of an esoteric nature. I'm super paranoid and I'm…
sagittarius IDFK random shit
this box now has letters in it, that almost form a complete sentense :(
leo I believe in UFOs
I believe in the existance of UFOs
leo Marine Veteran
cancer RU Sirius
I have had many encounters...
sagittarius hostgator copper
Finding a good host is often the most difficult part and hostgator provides you reliable web hostin…
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