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aquarius Never ignore a coincidence, unless you are busy.
Ready to find the truth and deliver it to the masses.
gemini madmcrae
mad, sceptical,genius
pisces Mineses
Just a single mom with lots of questions about lots of things.
cancer Life is a pretty cheezy game, but at least it has good graphics
Life is a pretty cheezy game, but at least it has good graphics.
capricorn One Woman Army Production
I represent the independant researchers and thinkers alike in the quest for truth and disclosure!
capricorn spirits
I love to watch paranormal shows and forensic shows
pisces hi everyone
hi and everyone my name is matt and i continue my search for the truth other than the mainstream trys to tell us that is
aquarius I believe
39 yr old white father of 2 boys 18 and 13 yrs of age. I am a strong believer in alien life forms and have a couple of sightings m…
pisces Wheres your proof?
I enjoy a good conspiracy, but I dont believe EVERYTHING is a conspiracy
aries anything
energy worker, healer, psychic, starseed.  Author of Alien Within, which can be obtained free from the facebook page www.facebook.…
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