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libra metal face
I'm someone who is always looking for anwers in all different kinds of places
aries Dreams can come true.
Im a sensitive who helps spirits...
cancer Niner Fan!
What goes here? Im not sure what you want me to describe.
cancer Truth About Life is Stranger than Fiction
I seek truth, knowledge, and enlightenment for the good of all mankind. As a species humanity faces many challenges threating the …
sagittarius Tag555
scorpio Paranormal Activity, Ghosts, EVP's, Ghost videos, Ghost pictures, etc.
We are a professional team of investigators in Louisiana that understands paranormal experiences anyone maybe going through. We ar…
scorpio Obsidian Veritas
I have very personal reasons for joining
leo stfuok
im here to have fun that is all
virgo Sci-fi writer
What if it wasn't aliens who crashed their UFO in Roswell? Is fiction closer to reality? See for yourself ... July 1947 by SR Forc…
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