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taurus If the apocalypse comes, beep me.
I am a movie/book fanatic - love the paranormal and am interested in what else is out there.
libra If you can't do something clever, do something right
I'm an englishman in erm England. Currently writing a book on UFOlogy and secret societies etc. Loving this site. Amazing stuff
sagittarius rjryhryh
ejhethyesyhieopsd [kgh[odh edthkoethk [ek[ oetkh[eotkheo hketyherjhryyhr
virgo Past, Present, and Future
The Past, Present, and Future are not separate. They are One.
cancer resercher
I was always interested in paranormal, extraterrestrial and UFO.
scorpio WTF do I NEED a headline?!
AKA madmonk76 and that's all the discription you get!
gemini ufo finder,looking for ufo real footage
looking for real footage of ufo/
aquarius Holycow
Yeah i like to see wierd shit.
scorpio ufo sightings
orange ball in sky.moved very fast!
capricorn flying saucers/unconventional aircraftt
i saw pics and an explinatationas to what the tr3b is its pretty cool man
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