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taurus about me
i am a young cryptologist and have taught myself all i can about cryptography.
cancer Extra-Terrestrials FTW
Researches alot about ET, UFO's, Anomalies etc. Loves Physics, Astronomy and Xenobiology.
scorpio Secrets
I need to do research :P
capricorn Secrecy
I want to know all about everything the govenment has done, i need to know about these records for my future
gemini Ryansharman
hi im ryan and this is my profile
capricorn Rafael S. Knock
Pisarz, autor "The Holting's Club"
aquarius UFO is a strange object that make me wondered.
i think this web make me wondered about strange thing from outside world.
aquarius Nothing is what it seems.
I plan on gaining knowlege, that few seek.
cancer "In God we Trust"
I'm A student Reasearching on my spare time for fun.
sagittarius Life is beautiful, you can either waste or live it, your choice :) thing i know is that i get distracted easily and forget stuff fast....well 2
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