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pisces Hajimemashite
virgo itsy bitsy spider
pisces Old as dirt
The virtue and perfection of cynicism is that you are rarely, if ever, wrong and never at all disappointed if you are.
The Black Vault Owner/Operator
The Black Vault Owner/Operator. The Black Vault Owner/Operator.
leo Adpower
Retired Educator living and seeing grandchildren regulary. Moved from the north east to south east to be closer to family.
aries Owner and operator of The Black Vault
Owner and operator of The Black Vault
capricorn An eye for an eye, will make the whole world blind
aquarius Others talk...we investigate
MUFON Field Investigator
ufo research
i am a ufo believer since a very young age or since my father saw a mother ship in venezuela back in the 1950.
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