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Australian mainland IPUS Director.
Looking for my own proof.
A firm believer in the existance of other life forms and UFO's from space or other dimensions. I never believe anything that the g…
Don't believe everything you think
Evolution we can't hold it back!
Libertate tute me
clever, goodlooking man
Surf's Up!
Normal nuerologics futant, Who am I? I am not as they, they who would cover-up that which, I, we know to be real, to remain qui…
Seeking The Truth ...
'Heavy Equipment' Operator / Class-A Truck Driver -- Webmaster; http://CasesCorner.Com -- "A Website Dedicated To The Home PC User…
looking 4 answers. i want some 1 to tell me what happened to 2.30 hours of my time when i was 5 years old , and other time missing…
hutchison effect
ok iam involved in tv shows and sciences demonstrations of antigravity and other energy projects like building the ark of the co…
I can't believe I ate the whole thing...
Hockey player, guitarist for Abbadon, about it really. Oh, and Im also doing a degree in theoretical physics - difficult to forge…
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